Eileen is the best massage therapist I have been to!  I went to her years ago and it was a very sad day when I found she had moved away.  Then I ran into her at Shoprite this year and found she was back with her new practice. That was a very happy day for me!  She is professional, very knowledgeable in the field, very pleasant and caring.  As a runner I have had issues with my legs, hips and feet.  Eileen keeps me running.  I can't say enough.  She knows exactly what to do and explains what she is doing and makes recommendations for exercises for me to do at home to help maintain.  I highly recommend her.

Linda P.

Because of the nature of my work, I have suffered lower back and shoulder pain for many years. I would self medicate to sleep and take an hour or two to "loosen " up in the morning. 

For the last few weeks Eileen has worked on my lower back and shoulders and I have noticed a vast improvement in my sleep and pain levels.

Aidan C.


 Eileen was kind, professional, and caring. She took the time to listen to my concerns and to what I thought I needed to have addressed. The massage was amazing! I left feeling relaxed. I plan to return for monthly half-hour massages.

Kelly S.


Eileen is the best - every massage is customized to exactly what my body needs.  She is the ONLY person I trust to give me a massage for relaxation and work on the muscles that need extra help (migraines, shoulder pain, lower back pregnancy pain, she handles it all). I've had a gift card to a fancy spa in my wallet for about a year because I don't trust them - only Eileen for me!  Once you've experienced the best you can't go back.

Britt L.


Eileen is wonderful.  She has been helping my daughter with constant headaches.  Eileen found some scar tissue and jaw problems.  After a few visits my girl is already starting to feel better.

Donna C.

Whether I come to see her with a headache or a cold, a stressful day at work or chronic neck pain, Eileen always knows exactly what to do to make me feel better.  She also always has a kind word or a fitness tip to send me on my way. 

Carrie H.

Eileen has been keeping me mobile since 2009. After a car accident, it took months of chiropractic care and massage therapy on my back to get me back to normal. Now, we're on a monthly wellness plan, unless I have an "oops" moment and do something I probably shouldn't have. Her extensive knowledge of how the muscles in the body work continues to amaze me. I've tried others, but they just do not compare. Eileen also works on my wife and continues to mitigate her nagging migraine headaches with massage therapy. Make an appointment, you will wonder why you hadn't done it sooner.

Chuck L.

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